What are the top five leading car accidents in Thailand?

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Top five dangerous behavior of motorcyclist in Thailand

Motorcycles have been involved in the majority of traffic accidents in Thailand in the past, approximately 83.2% of vehicles in the traffic. Many motorcyclists have crashed and suffered serious injuries, indicating that riding a motorbike is exceedingly dangerous. However, I would mention the following hazardous motorcycle conduct that you must be careful in order to decrease vehicle accidents:

1.      Avoid Turning Indicator Signal

          It is a violation of traffic laws if you do not turn the indicators left or right when changing the direction of your vehicle, which is the primary cause of a car collision. Because the traffic rules require that the turn signal be activated 30 meters before turning or changing lanes. Motorcycles should activate the turn signal 10-15 meters before the junction so that the automobile behind them can slow down the car speed or change lanes.

2.      Overtaking other vehicles

         It is one of the behaviors that frequently results from selfish people’s acts. You may be confronted because there are many motorcyclists overtaking another automobile, which means they intervene other cars to drive quicker, which is more typical in large cities with high traffic congestion such as Bangkok. Unfortunately, this terrible behavior makes accidents more likely to happen , and it also leads to conflicts or quarrels with other drivers.

3.      Changing the lanes suddenly

          The unfamiliarity of the routes in Thailand often causes motorcyclists to make slower decisions, forcing them to change lanes abruptly, resulting in other automobiles slowing down the car and finally causing an accident. As a result, motorcycle riders in Thailand should plan their route in advance, slow down, and make quicker decisions.

4.      Breaking the traffic signal

         The road signs are significant for all drivers to strictly comply with and behave in the same manner. However, some drivers disregard traffic signals, such as those forbidding U-turns or overtaking, resulting in crashes with other automobile participants on the road on a daily basis as a result of not following the road signs. However, all vehicles should also obey the traffic law since there are some drivers, both motorcycle and automobile, going through red lights, which is extremely dangerous for people who are crossing a road.

5.      Avoid keeping the distances

         Many motorbikes are very close to the in front of the automobile, preventing the behind car or motorcycle from breaking instantly when the in front of the car breaks, resulting in collisions and car accidents with the in front of your car. In this situation, the automobiles behind are liable and completely incorrect.

These are the top five causes of the automobile accidents in Thailand roads that you must know and be careful when driving. I highly recommend you to purchase car insurance in Thailand as well when purchasing a car to drive in Thailand. However, Rabbit Care insurance broker is extremely suggested since there are many insurance companies available with different insurance premiums. If you are faced with a car accident from the motorcyclist behavior listed above, you can receive roadside assistance services all the time and do not worry about the repair cost. The rental car cost when your car is being repaired is available on the car insurance policy.